Privacy and cookies

The web portal uses cookies to function effectively and thus ensures web services and efficacy that would otherwise be impossible. Cookies are files that are saved on the computer with which you access the web portal They store unique data about the user and the settings that the user has chosen while using the page.Types of cookies on our web page: 

1. Essential cookies 

Essential cookies are cookies that are required for normal web function. 

2. Visitor statistics 

Privacy and cookies

Monitoring of statistical data gives us important feedback which enables us to improve the site and make it more interesting to our users. The data is therefore annotated. 

The website uses Google Analytics system for monitoring visits. Google sets the cookies which differ according to their name: __utma (expires in 2 years), __utmb (expires today), __utmc (expires at the end of the session), __utmz (expires in 6 months). 

Disabling the cookies for all web sites 

Cookies can be completely erased or disabled in your browser settings. The instructions are under ‘help’ in your browser. If the cookies are completely disabled, parts of the site might not work properly. 

By using our web portal you agree with enabling of cookies on our sites.